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Brian and Tim Bomgrens - Highlights 2013

Early Brazil vs USA beach volleyball action

AVP Volleyball 1995 Ft Myers Final
Karch Kiraly and Kent Steffas challenge Jose Loiola and Bacil in the ft Myers beach volleyball avp finals.

John Hyden: Still going strong at 40+

I have mad respect for this player. Yeah, he hasn't really gone hard on the international circuit, but that is because he and his partner are family men and have simply tried to survive from the wins and endorsments they get on the U.S. soil.

AVP Santa Barbara 2012 Men's Final

AVP Volleyball 1994 Manhattan Quarter Final


Colleen Smith Pro AVP Player Beach Training

Colleen is working on her change of direction quickness in the sand with an intense barrier drill.

AVP Complex Training Workout

AVP Volleyball 1994 Manhattan Open Final

I didn't upload the whole final, but you'll figure out who won. lol This is one of my personal favorites.

AVP Volleyball 1991 Milwaukee

This has a portion of the winner's final, a portion of the loser's final, & the entire final. This was the first ever live beach volleyball tournament shown on TV.


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